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On Christmas night in 2009 I heard a noise in our backyard and cautiously went to the window to check. When I looked outside, I saw a very skinny sad looking dog that was trying desperately to find some food, or maybe water. He was an abandoned mutt that needed to be rescued.  More than just a meal, he found a happy house to live in, a family to exchange huge amounts of love with and great moments to share for the coming years. We named him Carmelo and he has deeply filled our lives with love, becoming the center of the household ever since.

A couple of years later, curiosity led me to read about pet product manufacturing businesses in the USA and the idea to develop leather products for dogs was born. Given my 27 years in the international leather goods manufacturing industry, I designed and handcrafted the first collar and leash for Carmelo from a nice piece of leather I had at home.

Over dinner we were trying to come up with the brand name and after many attempts our youngest daughter had the great idea of mixing the words MUTT and MUSKETEER.  We finally decided that night that MUTTSKETEER would be the brand name that best represents the work we do and our family mutt.

Our goal is that any product we create will be crafted with exceptional quality and designed for comfort. It will also carry a part of all the joy that Carmelo with his tender ways and sweet look brings to our hearts and lives every single day. Our work is dedicated to him and to every dog that fills a human life with happiness and love.  In the end, Carmelo rescued us.


My name is Leonardo Cabrera, on behave of my team and I, we thank you for joining us in sharing our passion for pets.

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