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Collar Measuring:


Our Collars come in three different sizes: Approximate dog collar size (in inches): 

·        Small – adjustable 10″ – 14″

·        Medium – adjustable 15″ – 19”

·        Large – adjustable 20″ – 22″


                To measure correctly:

If this is your dog's first collar. As shown in the image, measure at the base of your dog’s neck. Please allow enough room to slip 1 fingers between the dog’s neck and the tape/string. This is to ensure that the collar is not too tight as tight collars can cause pain and injury to your pet

collar for website measurement.gif

If you are satisfied with the fit of you dog's current collar you can measure the collar itself to get the new collar to fit the same. As shown in the image, measure from point ‘A’ to ‘B’ and select our sizes accordingly (S,M,L)

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